Let’s be candid: thinking about death or incapacity creates a certain amount of anxiety in all of us. Having an estate plan – one that has all the necessary elements; is well thought out; and can actually work – will reduce uncertainty and provide peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out, with the right people in place and with the right legal structures.
Its about putting you in control.
We make that happen by guiding you through the 3 step planning process: gathering the facts, preparing the plan and then executing the legal documents to carry out the plan.
We would love the opportunity to serve your family in preparing your estate plan.
You need a plan if any of these issues apply to your family:

  • blended family
  • own property in the United States
  • are a citizen of the United States
  • have minor children that need a guardian appointed
  • adult children that are not ready to manage a sizeable inheritance
  • special wishes for your funeral or remains
  • want to leave specific gifts of household items or personal property of sentimental value
  • you have loaned money to children that may or may not be forgiven in the estate
  • have adult children with mental or physical disabilities
  • are separated but not divorced from a former spouse or partner

We help our clients plan for death and incapacity. Once we craft the plan, we implement that plan with precise legal documents so the right people are appointed with the necesssary authority to carry out your wishes when you can’t speak for yourself.
Close to half of Canadians don’t have a will or their will is out of date. That can result in your hard earned wealth going to the wrong people or being administered by persons who you don’t have confidence in.
While you may not be around to witness the problems they have to fix or observe the time taken to adminster your estate, it is comforting to know that your surviving loved ones have a clear roadmap to follow and access to a legal team to assist them to implement your wishes.
The planning process for what happens on death involves a 3 step process:

  • The Distribution: determine who gets what, being the property you do not spend in your lifetime.
  • The People: choosing your executor, trustee of any trust established and guardian of minor children, as well as alternates to all these roles
  • The Roadmap: Execute the legal documents to implement the plan.

The planning process for incapacity involves planning for both financial and non-financial substitute decision making.

  • who is appointed?
  • When and how is the document implemented?
  • What directions, restrictions and specific authority are you going to provide?

We take our clients through a 7 stage process to complete their estate plan:

  • Initial meeting to develop the plan, receive your instructions and confirm your retainer.
  • The legal team prepares a first draft of your estate planning documents
  • Gordon reviews the drafts
  • Assistant will send out draft documents for your review
  • We receive your questions, comments and suggested amendments
  • A signing meeting is scheduled and the documents executed before witnesses as required by law.
  • Final report is prepared and you are provided with the original documents.

Not ready to start the process? That is ok. We understand that estate planning is a process and not an event. When you are ready, we will be waiting to serve you when the time and circumstances are right.